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Blog: Twenty First Century Kicks

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This weekend myself and The Days In My Week experienced the RAW THRILLS of living at the cutting edge of the twenty first century. It was AMAZING!

On Friday evening the aforesaid Cast Overview On My IMDB Entry said that she'd like to see the film "Overboard" starring Goldie Hawn. This is not an unusual thing to be said chez nous and usually I look through the Radio Times or something and say "It's not on this week", but THIS time I thought "Hang on, we've got a SMART TV, maybe that can help?" I looked through the Amazon Telly listings, found it, logged onto my Amazon account (which took longer than anything else), paid 2.45 et VOILA! There it was, waiting for us to watch!

I know some people might say "Yeah so wot daddio we do that all the time" but i never had before and was ASTOUNDED. The film we thought of was THERE! I mean, I still get EXCITED every time I buy a book for my Kindle and it POPS UP next time I switch it on, to me that is Flipping Fantastic, so THIS was incredible. Imagine a world where you can watch pretty much any film you want! IMAGINE!

Next day we decided to go out on a BICYCLE RIDE. In The Olympic Village Where We Live (have I mentioned that I live in The Olympic Village? Sorry if not, it is the kind of information I tend to keep to myself) they have just recently installed docking stations for BORIS BIKES. Yes yes I know they are really called "Santander Cycles" but who wants to waste half an hour saying all of that? Also I also know they were really Ken Livingstone's idea, like all good ideas that Boris has tried to take credit for, but STILL: that is what they are called.

As with Amazon Video, the longest bit of the process was logging onto the system. We stood at the computer screen next to the docking station for a good five minutes scrolling through the rules and warnings, and if we'd read all THIRTY SEVEN PAGES of the terms and conditions we'd have been there a lot longer! Getting the bikes themselves, however, was PEASY and we were soon zooming off towards Victoria Park in Mile End, a place we'd spoken of visiting for AGES.

Victoria Park in Mile End is ENORMOUS! Just when you think you've got to the end of it there's a gate and then you get a bit MORE, it's KRAZY! We zoomed around on our futuristic hire bikes having a DELIGHTFUL time, though I had to keep stopping myself from waving at other people riding them - it doesn't seem to be A Thing.

They were fabulous fun though and, as I say, PEASY to get hold of. Who knew the future would be such a doddle eh?

posted 1/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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