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Blog: Once More With Booking Issues

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Sunday afternoon found me in scenic Clerkenwell, at Theatre Delicatessen to meet Mr S Hewitt for a rehearsal of Hey Hey 16K, preparing for our final two shows next week (tickets still available!). That was the plan, anyway - when I arrived I discovered that our booking had been made for 6 January (i.e. the day after I'd rung to book it) by mistake!

The lady behind the desk was very apologetic and ran upstairs to find us a MUCH nicer (smaller, thus not as cold) room than the ones we usually use, and soon Steve and I were LIMBERING up for the pre-penultimate runthrough of a show we last did back in November. And LO! it actually went Surprisingly Well - there were a few spots where we stumbled a little (but then that happened when we were doing it every day!) and all right we DID have to go back a bit because we'd missed out 20 Things To Do Before You're 30 but otherwise it was pretty good. We're ready to ROCK once more!

In order to celebrate this fact we popped over the road to The Betsy Trotwood for a Swift Half which became two Slow Pints largely due to the DISC JOCKEYING of Ms S Gill. I'm not sure if it was officially The Hangover Lounge or not, but there sure was a lot of decent music being played. "Is it Baxendale?" we said, on more than one occasion.

It could EASILY - VERY easily - have become SEVERAL slow pints the way things were going, but we sensibly packed ourselves away and headed home. There will be time for BEERS in Cambridge on Sunday 7 and Leicester on Wednesday 10 - do come and join us!
posted 2/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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