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Blog: Album Droppings

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Whenever I hear about a HEP young band dropping their new album I think "OOPS! Butterfingers!" because i a) am HILARIOUS b) struggle to accept that new generations require their own terminology for their culture. NO WAY DADDIO! Albums seem to get dropped all over the place these days, often without any prior warning e.g. by Radiohead and Mr D Bowie (RIP), but I think we might be the first band to have our OWN album DROP without knowing it was going to happen.

For LO! that is SORT OF what happened yesterday when the rest of The Validators got an email from Mr T "The Tiger" McClure telling us that yeah, he'd finished off the whole album? And we could download it? From - suitably - dropbox?

What had occurred was that Tom had been booked into Snug to do some TWEAKS to various tracks. He had a list of tiny changes we'd asked for, but generally it was TUNINGS i.e. mostly violin tracks that had got slightly WONKY and could be fixed with SCIENCE. It's odd, I can never tell when violins are out of tune (I just assume it's meant to sound like that), so it's good that Tom has his EAR set for that sort of thing - thank goodness my VOCALS are never in any way less than perfect, right kids?

Anyway, that was what he was there for but it seems that he and Mr R Newman got the WIND behind them and decided to basically MASTER the LOT, do the GAPS between songs, and do us a HUGE file that had EVERYTHING in it, in order too! When first I heard of this I was DISTRAUGHT - surely we needed several WEEKS of further discussion and heated debate before we got to that point? Then I thought "Hang on - this gets us out of several weeks of further discussion and heated debate! Ace!"

I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but early reports suggest it's a massive step towards finishing, so maybe - maybe - MAYBE - we could have one more PUSH and have it actually FINISHED this month! That would also manifest as a BOOT up the BUM for me to get the artwork agreed and the - BLIMEY - we could be off to the manufacturers before Easter!

That feels almost UNSEEMLY in its haste, but who knows, it COULD happen? Even with delays it looks like "STILL VALID" will be dropping before summer - watch out for it, and please, make sure it doesn't land on your toes!

posted 5/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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