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I had a RIGHT cultural time of it on Friday, visiting an ART show and talking of PLAYWRITING. Get me!

The Art Show was an "Open" at The Florence Trust a church which has been converted into Artists' Studios in Islington. Apparently it's been studios for 25 years, but GOODNESS my dears you wouldn't guess as it looks like a church that somebody put some sheets of wood up in a couple of weeks ago. Still, it was a very groovy space and after buying a VERY reasonably priced bottle of beer (i.e. approx what they would have paid for it at the shop down the road) I wandered around until I happened upon the SPACE of The Artist Tom Smith. I have been following the work of this young artist since... well, all right, since he was BORN for LO! he is my baby brother, and thus I was very excited to find that the latest ART PIECE is a series of replicas of the SATCHEL he had aged about 11. "I got you into that band, and that one, and I took you to see THAT one" I pointed out, at some length, during the evening. It must have been DELIGHTFUL for him to have me there to help!

Various chums and other halves arrived and we had a VERY jolly time standing around in his AREA, avoiding the temptation to say "As a MILLIONAIRE art dealer I would DEFINITELY buy all of this for a MILLION POUNDS if only I had my wallet on me, I just hope nobody else SWOOPS in before I get the chance" whenever other people came in. I also resisted the urge to pop into the SPACE next door, where The Artist had thoughtfully put out some NIBBLES - nibbles which it took me 10 minutes to realise were not actually ART.

When I got home, full of PRIDE, I found that not only were tickets now available for my play "Captain Wonderful" (12 March at The Place Theatre, Bedford) but they had also released an INTERVIEW what I did about it. I have done MANY an interview for ROCK but I think this may be the first one I have ever done about THE WRITING. It didn't really make much difference to what I said, I don't think (I even managed to get one of my VIDEOS in there!) but it did feel a bit strange to be talking about The Writing like that.

If anyone's around in Bedford then do come along - I'm hoping to be there but I promise I won't sing - as evidenced by my behaviour earlier in the evening, I am MUCH too sophisticated to do anything embarrassing like that.

posted 9/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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