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Blog: I Do Like Doing Gigs

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This Sunday just gone found me at Kings Cross Station, boarding a train for Cambridge with Mr S Hewitt for what currently purports to be the PENULTIMATE performance of Hey Hey 16K (at least until it has a BROADWAY RUN when the DVD comes out, OBVS).

We were setting off in very good time so that we could pop into The Cambridge Blue an EXTREMELY nice pub with a HUGE fridge full of beers which Steve has been forced to walk PAST every other time we've done a show round there. We did not pass this time!

We were doing the actual show down the road at CB2, where we discovered not only Mr S Macallister (promoter) but also Ms H Llewelyn, who a) was helping b) put out the Christmas Blues EP many moons ago. All seemed to be in order and once the audience arrived (including a LARGE party brought by Mr and Mrs M and H Sutton) we kicked off with a support slot from ME, which went like THIS:
  • My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once
  • That Guy
  • In The North Stand
  • (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock
  • It Only Works Because You're here
  • It was a LOT of fun - it feels like AGES since I did a proper gig (as opposed to the show or bits at Totally Acoustic) and I'd kind of forgotten how MUCH I enjoy it. The talking! The more talking! The occasional song!

    Next up was Chris Mork, apparently doing his first gig in 2.5 years but not really giving any sign of it i.e. by being FAB, and then it was time for me and Steve to take the stage. I'd had a SLIGHT worry that, having not done the show in front of an audience for three months, we'd be a bit rusty but that was NOT the case - INDEED we even managed to keep things fresh by making entirely NEW mistakes, never seen before! The audience were WELL up for it from the start, which made it a JOY to do, and were the first EVER to ask a question when I said "Any questions?" Brilliantly the question was "Are there handouts?" because there WERE - the song sheets!

    They even laughed at the "doesn't beer make you lose your memory?" joke which almost NEVER gets a laugh! I Come From The Fens got the biggest reaction EVER (I wonder why?) and I found myself LARFING out LOUD at the "a week next Tuesday" bit. It was an HUGE amount of fun!

    We even managed to FINISH early - a vital point for getting a non-chugger train home! We said our goodbyes to Mr Macallister (it's always a good gig when he promotes it) and hopped into a car with The SUttons who very kindly dropped us off at the station where NOT ONLY were we in good time for our train but ALSO Marks & Spencers Simply Food was still open - TRAIN BEERS!

    It was a lovely evening which reminded me how much FUN all this is. There's only one more Hey Hey 16K show to go (in LEICESTER, tonight in fact!) but I don't think this'll be the end. As we waited for our train we had an IN DEPTH (approx 30 seconds) discussion on the FUTURE - I think there's going to BE one!

    posted 10/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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