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Blog: The Upstairs Of The Globe Is A Stage

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Wednesday afternoon found me meeting Mr S Hewitt upstairs at St Pancras Station, ready to head to Leicester for the Comedy Festival as we had SO many times before. This time, however, things were DIFFERENT as we were a) only doing one night and b) NOT playing at The Criterion.

The reasons for this were twofold, firstly we'd left it a bit late to APPLY, and secondly when we DID ask it turned out that somebody was doing ALL the bookings for The Criterion and this particularl somebody wasn't keen on Actually Answering Emails. We tried THREE times to get hold of him but he never even bothered to reply, so we had to turn elsewhere. Luckily The Cookie Club were VERY accomodating and offered us a slot at The Globe, which was actually very fitting. The Globe is the place where I had my first ever PINT in a PUB and, as that's partly what the show's ABOUT, it all worked out very nicely!

We arrived in Leicester and checked into the Ibis but NOT our usual rooms! For some reason we both got Disabled Rooms which were STRANGE because they were DIFFERENT. My room was PARTICULARLY different in that it had a loose light switch so that when you had the lights ON they would occasionally turn OFF, and in the night when you wanted them OFF they would keep flashing ON. It was all a bit discombobulating!

We regrouped and headed to The Criterion ANYWAY, to have a lovely pint and a tasty pizza before going to The Globe itself. As we arrived the landlady asked if we were the ACTS and, when we confirmed her suspicions, said there were two girls from DMU Performing Arts who wanted to speak to us. Always happy to oblige when it comes to INFORMING THE YOUNG Steve and I went round and had a very nice chat that basically could be summarised as "Don't do it how we do it, ooh everything has been knocked down, we are OLD." We are nothing if not helpful!

Mr C Lawson arrived and we went upstairs to find that, as at The Criterion, the DOOR was being done by some more DMU students, who were lovely as ever. A modest crowd arrived and soon it was SHOWTIME, and it all went very pleasantly. Most people seemed to enjoy it (three young men near the front were determined not to, so I took GRATE delight whenever they cracked a reluctant smile!) and Steve and I certainly did. It's a fun show!

Afterwards we thanked our very jolly door people and headed downstairs to meet Ms M Miller (who was once again WORKING the festival) for PINTS and chat. It was a good night, a shame we were only doing the one really!

posted 11/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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