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Blog: Can't Stop Winning

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I got home from Leicester last Thursday to find myself in a day when, in the words of Keith Top Of The Pops, we Could NOT Stop Winning!

The WINZ began when we got a taxi to Leytonstone - myself and especially The Unwanted CDs In My Donation had had a clearout so we were LUGGING a load of stuff to the charity shops (one for electrical goods, one for Other). When we arrived the taxi driver (who really should have a career as an Arts Council Storyteller, he was ACE) looked in one of our bags and saw that we were giving away one of those huge LAMPS people use to light garages, building sites or, in my dreams, FILM SETS. "You can have it if you like" said The Bulb In My Lamp, for he really had been lovely. He took it very happily and then let us off the taxi fare! EVERYBODY was a winner!

We dropped off the PILES of STUFF then popped into The Red Lion for a cheeky lunchtime pint and some chips. We were told that the kitchen had just stopped taking orders BUT, upon asking, it turned out they WOULD do us some chips after all. WINZ again, although really just BEING in such a nice pub on a Thursday afternoon was WINZ enough already!

That done we went to Tesco to get some underbed storage boxes for me (GLAMOUR) and to MARVEL at Tesco's range of Free From items, including, to my astonishment, VEGAN SALAD CREAM!!! You can get Vegan Mayo until it is - almost literally - coming out of your ears, but Vegan Salad Cream? I POUNCED!

More MINOR WINZ on the way home as the bus missed our bus stop and instead stopped right outside our flats, after which there was some ADMIN before we got GLAMMED UP and headed out to our CLUB. Oh yes yes, we have a club, it is called The E20 Club don't you know and is... um... the bar at The Holiday Inn next to Westfield, where you get a discount on drinks and grub if you show your CLUB KEYFOB. It is actually pretty ace and we'd gone along for a RE-LAUNCH event, mostly to find out more about the future of this valuable community hub and not at all for FREE BOOZE. We got there JUST as the event was finishing... so the nice chap running it got us TWO FREE PINTS from the bar to APOLOGISE!

What a day! We had our tea and went home and had to go to bed, it was the only way to STOP the WINZ!

posted 12/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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