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Blog: Weekend Of ROCK: part one

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My weekend of ROCK began, as so many have, with minor panic at Kings Cross. I had booked tickets from London to Glasgow (where The Validators were due to play at the Pop!South Weekender) via the West Coast route, but since then a VIADUCT had fallen down, meaning there were huge delays and diversions. However, I'd discovered via online research and the Virgin Trains Online Help that I could go via the East Coast instead (i.e. the old East Coast Mainline route which is approx a MILLION times nicer) but this seemed almost too good to be true, so when I got there I NERVOUSLY approached a Customer Service Man at the ticket gates to asked if it'd be OK. "That's fine!" he said, waving me through breezily as if it happened hundreds of times a day. SPOILERS: this wouldn't be the case on the way back.

Several hours of watching TELLY on my laptop on the train later (I can see why so many people do it, it's ACE!) I arrived in Edinburgh, where I felt duty bound to pop into the Halfway House and text Mr S Hewitt, just so he knew what I was up to while he was at work. I am CARING like that. Another short train hop later and I was finally in GLASGOW. Glasgow! Land of EXTREMELY friendly people! When I got to my hotel someone came over to chat while I was doing my automatic check-in, and this determination to NATTER was to become a THEME throughout the weekend!

A few hours later I met Mr T McClure, who had asked at HIS hotel if they knew of a decent curry house. They did - it was next door! Like every time I go for a curry I was DETERMINED not to eat so much that curry was coming out of my EYEBALLS so said "No thank you" to Naan bread. "Are you sure?" said the waiter. CURSE HIM! I buckled and got a PARATHA to share with Tom, then when the food came they brought some FREE "special" Naan which seemed to have Chutney coated all over it. Thirty minutes later my eyes were, as usual, OOZING with excess GRUB.

We staggered out in search of pubs - I'd checked online and written some Apparently Nice Pubs down, so went in search of some of them and after a while we found The Pot Still. As we walked in a couple leapt in after us, saying "WAHEY!" and grabbing us by the shoulders. Mr and Mrs F A Machine had come in at EXACTLY the same time! AMAZING SCENES!

There followed BEER and CHAT and even more Friendly Glasgow People with whom we had a LENGTHY chat before heading off in search of another pub. The first one we came to, which had been heavily recommended, seemed to be a WEATHERSPOONS with a DISCO on, but the second, The Drum & Monkey, was DEAD sophisticated, so it was here that we finished the night.

It was a good start to a WEEKEND OF ROCK, and we hadn't even met up with The Pattisons yet!

posted 15/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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