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Blog: The Most Dangerous Band In The World

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Recently The Shows In My TV Package and I have VERY much enjoyed ploughing our way through the various Saturday Night BBC4 Music Documentaries on the iPlayer. We've seen LOADS of great stuff, not always about bands I particularly LIKE (it turns out The Bay City Rollers really were NOT an under appreciated gem) but always interesting. Being in a band means you get to have STORIES!

Well, usually you do. For LO! This week we watched "The Most Dangerous Band In The World", an HILARIOUS film about the Guns N' Roses who, it transpires, were not particularly dangerous and had approximately 0.5 stories.

Take the Getting The Band Together section. This is usually one of the best bits of a music documentary, featuring a rise from poverty, early struggles, fights, tragic early members and BOOZE. For Guns N' Roses the AMAZING early years story is this: they were in a band in LA with various other bands which gradually swapped members. One of these bands had the word "Gun" in it and one had "Rose" so they thought it would be good to combine the two. THE END. <

Ah, but then you have The Early Touring days! More booze! Sex! Escapades! Danger! My hopes were raised when it was announced that they went on a tour that became known as HELL TOUR. Hell Tour! What KRAZY things occurred? What difficulties did they overcome? "The van broke down one time." GET OUTTA TOWN!

How about Getting Signed? Surely this would be a tale of intrigue, favours begged, opportunities missed? Here's how it happened: one of the most famous A&R men in the world, based in LA, heard that there was an LA band who were Quite Good so he went to see them, in LA. He liked them, so he signed them. WHAT THE?!?! If you made it up nobody would believe it!!!!

And so it went on - they struggled to get their video played on MTV, with executives stating they would NEVER play a video by such a DANGEROUS band. So what do these MADMEN do? They get their major label plugger to go and ask MTV to play the video, and MTV play the video. IT'S LIKE THE SEX PISTOLS BUT MORE KRAZY.

Admittedly towards the end it did get a bit more interesting, with the break up and the other bands that Axl put together, and this was handily covered in a two minute montage featuring approx 2 seconds of footage of Buckethead. Come on man! That's who I came here to hear about! It all ended with a subtitle saying that they're reforming at Coachella - I can only suggest that everyone steer clear, GOODNESS KNOWS what might happen!

posted 18/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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