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Blog: A Day Of Two Halves

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Saturday afternoon found me in London's London Bridge area of London, where I was meeting Mr P Myland and chums for a few BEERS before heading off to the distinctly less salubrious environs of Millwall to witness Peterborough United. It would be very much A Day Of Two Halves.

The first half involved the aforesaid gentlemen and me wandering round various PUBS. I was a little wary about what pubs we'd end up in, partly because the original meeting point was a Weatherspoons and partly because I've been in Football Pubs on match day before and they can be LESS than delightful. However, the pubs we DID end up going to were LOVELY, especially The Sheaf which was a right nice cellar bar full of all SORTS of beers. We had a MARVELLOUS couple of hours talking a right load of old nonsense and having an LARF. I don't tend to go out the the pub with a bunch of people as often as I used to, so tend to forget quite how much FUN it can be standing around drinking beer making REMARKS at each other. Memo to self: the amount of fun is Quite A Lot.

Unfortunately we had to finish the FUN and move on to the second part of the day, which was The Football. Beforehand there had been much talk of the REPUTATION of The Den and the people who go there, but when we arrived we walked down a miserable path to a corrugated iron shed in the middle of nowhere, with no-one talking to us at ALL. It was a bit disappointing really!

Inside a few people tried to do The Aggro At A Distance, which tends to be more comical than anything, with home supporters trying to get as close as they can to the away lot (but not too close) so they can shout ABUSE at each other and wave their arms around in a threatening manner. The only ACTUAL violence/disharmony happened within each side's own area. Near the start of the match some Millwall supporters had a rubbish SLAPPY FIGHT with the Police, which we all enjoyed enormously, and in the second half someone was rude about someone else's wife in the Away End, so we all turned round to GAWK at the ensuing (LENGTHY) argument.

It was all a lot more entertaining than the actual football, which was DISMAL, seeing Posh lose 3-0 having apparently forgotten how to be GOOD like what they were on telly the other day. We got on the train and SLUNK back to London Bridge, where I spotted an old school chum in our carriage. "Are you here for your one visit a year?" he asked. The ruddy cheek! This was AT LEAST my second game this season!

posted 22/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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