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Blog: DVD Issues

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Last year Mr C Evans (not that one) of Go Faster Stripe booked a room at The Bloomsbury Theatre for a weekend to film a whole BUNCH of acts in order to release them subsequently as downloads or possibly even DVDs and, as previously mentioned, this included me and Mr S Hewitt doing Hey Hey 16K.

Since then MANY things have occurred, not least a decisions about the FORMAT our show would be released in. SENSIBLY we'd just stick it out as a download but to be honest I really fancied the idea of having it as an Actual DVD, mostly for the SHOWING OFF benefits. I spoke to Chris about it last week and we had a lenghty discussion which mostly boiled down to negotiating who would be storing all of the unsold copies! This is the IMPORTANT stuff!! We agreed to take half each and to produce them in nice, small, easily transported/stored wallets, and the deal was DONE.

Since then we have been ROCKETING forward. While Chris has been getting the edit, sound and wotnot sorted I have been beavering away on the COVER, which features a 256 x 192 pixel image with 2 colours per 8 x 8 box JUST LIKE a ZX Spectrum loading screen which, WONDERFULLY, Chris has since transformed into an ACTUAL ZX Spectrum loading screen for the DVD menu. It looks BRILLIANT!

The whole thing is looking pretty tasty in fact, and we're now talking about doing a LAUNCH GIG, possibly with another act on the bill, in an attempt to minimise our storage requirements. Hopefully we'll get the DVDs made BEFORE we book it though - I am only too well aware of the STRESS of booking a launch gig before you've actually got something to launch! More news on this - SOON!

posted 26/2/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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