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Blog: 6 And Tickets

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Yesterday I spent several hours booking TRANES and ACCOMODATION for this summer's spree of GIGS. This is something I used to do ALL the time but haven't had to for AGES, and I had forgotten how FRUSTRATING it can be.

"This won't take a minute" I thought as I sat down. "I'll just book myself into the IBIS all over the place then take advantage of the extremely reasonable price of train tickets when booked in advance. What could be simpler?" Poor foolish me, I had forgotten the AGONY of trying to book at hotel for less than a MILLION QUID at weekends, and also how INSANE and COMPLICATED train travel can be, where one train to LEEDS can cost twice as much as a complete round trip from London to Birmingham, across to Peterborough and then back home again.

Eventually I managed to book ALL accomodation and MOST legs of my various journeys, with only our trip to GRIMSBY for Festival 8 and to LEICESTER for our gig with Po! needing tickets on the day. Thrillingly I may be buying a TENT for my trip to The Towersey Festival... though I do have a couple of months to talk myself out of it.

This is all part of the promotional campaign for Still Valid which was yesterday in full on PANIC mode. Still NOBODY had said whether they liked it or not and I was starting to wonder whether anybody ever WOULD. As I've said before, we've spent YEARS working on the album and there's a little voice in my head that keeps saying "Maybe it was all but for NAUGHT? Will anybody even CARE let alone buy/review/play it?"

THREE CHEERS then for the ever wonderful Mr Steve Lamacq who played Can We Be Friends? on his 6Music show yesterday afternoon. We're about an hour into it, and the song sounds GRATE - I always worry that our stuff will sound WEIRD and/or QUIET next to "proper" songs, but it was LOUD and full of The Wall of Emmas, Mr FA Machine jangling away and SO forth.

It was a HUGE relief all round, and put me in just the right mood to get on with all the envelope stuffing I've got lined up for the next couple of weeks! PHEW!

posted 31/5/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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I suspect due to engineering works not all the tickets are available yet. I did find advance singles for 23 with Virgin East Coast though, so hope you got it all sorted :)
posted 31/5/2016 by Warren

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