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Blog: Ongoing Onslaught

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The Media Onslaught for Still Valid continues today as a stream of the ENTIRE ALBUM is premiering over on God Is In The TV. You can listen to THE LOT - go on, have a listen!.

Once again, as with our appearance on Louder Than War recently, this was sorted out for us by Mr G Gargan, so many thanks to him for that. He has been patiently explaining to me how all of this WORKS nowadays, with yr exclusives and yr premieres and so forth, and I am very grateful indeed to him!

NEXT week we have the ACTUAL Official RELEASE of the album, which means it'll be on Spotify and iTunes and all that sort of thing. We should also have the VIDEO premiering too - I'm about halfway through editing it at the moment and it's looking pretty good. After that - well, I don't know what happens after that. What I do know is that AT LAST you can hear what we've been working on these past four years, and what I HOPE is that you enjoy it!

posted 1/7/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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It sounds good, Mark. Chapeau to the Validators for a refreshing tonic to shit football and even shitter politics.
posted 1/7/2016 by Mike C

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