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Blog: Heavy Horses

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The Stalls At My Fete and I had a LOVELY weekend just gone, down in Cornwall with PARENTS. This featured MANY delightful aspects, including pub, fancy barbecue, olympics, paddling in the sea, pub, and a family CURRY outing, but perhaps the highest of the high points was a trip to the Tregony Heavy Horse Show.

This was NOT, as one might expect, Red Rum, SeaBiscuit and Black Beauty sitting round watching The Monkee's "Head" at 2am saying "WHOA what if we're all a dream and our DREAMS are reality?" It was instead a PROPER slice of Traditional British Life, a big FIELD full of entire WORLDS to which most of us never gain access. There was a whole DOG show, CRAFT stalls, vintage sports cars, Viking re-enacters and all sorts of social worlds that clearly meant a LOT to their practitioners but which had never really entered into our consciences at all. A good example was the Viking guys who were all dressed up in specifically different eras of Viking clothing and who spoke very knowledgably about ALL of it. The best bit was when my Dad said "They never wore the curly horns did they?" and they ALL said "FALLACY!" as one.

The main attraction though were the heavy horses, GINORMOUS animals that I am more used to seeing in porcelain on top of an elderly relative's fireplace in approx 1982. They were GORGEOUS great things who a) looked placid and calm but b) I would NOT want to get on the wrong side of. There was also a display of SHETLAND ponies, and one particular pair of horses that The Horses In My Stable took a great liking to - a great big Shire horse and a tiny Shetland called Harry, who apparently travelled together because the big one got scared if he had to go alone, but was fine if his tiny friend was with him.

It was AMAZING, like finding four smaller Indietracks (which, after all, features train restoration AND indiepop) welded together in one place!

The low point of the weekend, by the way, was our journey home being delayed by FOUR HOURS. Still, we did see a Steam Train at Bodmin Parkway, and there's always Delay Repay!

posted 17/8/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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