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Blog: What To Do?

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As mentioned yesterday, apart from work stuff and TELLY there has not been an awful lot going on lately, which WORRIES me when we have an excellent new album very much OUT and AVAILABLE. I mean, yes, we DID do the SUMMER OF ROCK and have had a couple of VIDEOS out, but surely that should mean we're still selling copies and further INCIDENTS are occurring rather than, as is the current case, it all drying up bit?

I guess part of the problem is that I am out of the LOOP on all things ROCK these days. Time was when I READ the papers/magazines/websites so KNEW what was going on and went OUT to GIGS a lot more, but over recent years I haven't done any of the above as much. Also I seem to have SEVERELY cut down on DOING gigs - for most of the past decade I've done 50-70 gigs a year, this year I'll have done 28, and if you EXCLUDE Hey Hey 16K and Totally Acoustuic I will have done just 14. That's not many at all is it?

I mean, it's not like I WANT to be going out all the time doing gigs and being constantly HUNGOVER like what I was ten years ago, I think I would be DEADED if I tried, but I would like to do SOMETHING to get more people to listen to the album - especially to get NEW listeners, as sales so far have mostly been to the DELIGHTFUL people who've brought previous stuff. There are some plans afoot - there's at LEAST three more videos to come (which Mr G Gargan of Damnably records has VERY kindly been trying to get some BLOGS interested in) and Steve and I are planning some SHOWS based on the album songs - but I'm at a bit of a loss to think what else we can do. The Names On My Mailling List and I had a chat about it the other night, and had to face the problem that neither of us know what goes ON at the moment!

THUS if anyone has any IDEAS I would be EXTREMELY glad to hear of them in the comments below. Everyone who reads this blog is clearly HEP and UP TO THE MINUTE with the current GROOVE, I'm sure you'll find the answers!

posted 14/9/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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playlists on spotify are making loads of new fans for a couple of our acts and the age is way down to 20's and 50-75% women! I have no idea how they got picked for those big (many thousands to almost a million) people following playlists but I believe you can hassle folks that do indie playlists or pay as labels seem to. Maybe Mr S Price of Fortuna Pop! will know much more.
posted 15/9/2016 by Mr G Gargan of Damnably Records

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