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Blog: All In The Same Boat

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Yesterday I wrote a BLOG for Platforma Arts + Refugees Network about All In The Same Boat, the new group show what I have written alongside my various chums from the Lost City Writers Group. It was only when it went LIVE that I realised that I hadn't really talked about it much HERE, so let's put that right!

I did mention it several weeks ago when we were discussing the TITLE, but things have moved on APACE since then. We now have a fully agreed and completed SCRIPT which has been handed over to an Actual Director who has recruited some Actual Actors with whom she is doing Actual Rehearsals! This is the third time we've done a show like this, but it still feels really WEIRD to think that there's a whole bunch of people getting ready to put on a show which they will think of (correctly) as THEIRS, using a script which I think of (correctly) as OURS, even though the two groups have mostly never even MET. I rather like it this way - I know I COULD elbow my way into rehearsals or just go and MEET the cast, but after DECADES of doing nearly everything SOLO I really enjoy the idea that somebody else is doing all the work now, and I can just roll up on the night and see what they've come up with.

I must admit that I have quite high hopes for this one. The script is, I think, the best one we've done. The first show was seven completely separate short plays all based around the idea of SEXINESS, which worked really well (especially as our Producer, Mr A Dawson, CUNNINGLY scheduled it around Valentine's Day), while the second had the plays sort of about London and loosely linked by the idea of a radio station, which didn't (I think) quite work out as well as it could. This new one is FIRMLY linked by having the six main characters all sitting in a boat together, telling their stories, and I think the linking DOES work... though I would say that, as it was me what wrote the linking bits! Five of the six plays were written by the other five writers, the sixth was done as a joint effort, and then I stitched it together and, as it says in the Platforma Blog, I was surprised by what came out at the end. The BRIEF was to try and write something that WASN'T just handwringing, and I think we managed it, arriving at an UNEXPECTED and, hopefully, MOVING conclusion. It is, not to sound like DONALD TRUMP or anything, Quite Good.

But hey! You don't have to take my word for it, you can come and see it for yourself! (CLEVER MARKETING) The show's on at Oxford House in Bethnal Green on Friday 11 November and Saturday 12 November, and you can buy tickets via WeGotTickets (tickets HERE for Friday or Saturday). I'm planning to be there both nights, so do come and say hello and let me know what you reckon!

posted 21/10/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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