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I am now IMMERSED in the world of PhD Research and am thus reading ACADEMIC TEXTS. I have, over the years, read MANY of these in my day job but they have always been on DULL things like child care, health expectancy or elderly psychiatry - I mean, who's bothered about any of THAT? BORRRRING! NOW, however, I am reading about CONTINUITY and FAN CULTURE and Wot Is A Superhero, and it is ACE!

I am mostly enjoying it because it is INTERESTING, but I am also getting a generous side order of DELIGHT in how POMPOUS some of the writing is. If I didn't know better I would guess that half of it is written by SIXTH FORMERS such is the preponderance of multi-syllabular postulations and formulations intended to convey, express and counter-intuitively impede the efficieny of hypothesis dissemination. I have learnt a LOT more words this week! There are also even MORE Marxists than there were at my Induction weeks. They are like Coelacanths, once you've spotted one they're all over the place!

The only downside to it all is an awareness of my own EXTREME SWOTTINESS. The days of sitting reading twitter on the sofa after tea are fading into distant memory, as these days I can be found DEVOURING Cultural Studies, occasionally MOCKING basic errors. "The fool!" you may hear me saying. "The episode 'Yesterday's Enterprise' was NOT set in The Mirror Universe. What a PLONKER!" My swottiness is also evident in the fact that I am making COPIOUS NOTES, tho surely this is only SENSIBLE as it means that I won't have to go and read everything again, and can watch TELLY on Sunday night safe in the knowledge that all my homework is DONE. I just have to remember that lots of my books are actually from the library so I can't write ON them - for LO! that would be to create PALIMPSESTS*!

(*It's one of the words I have recently learnt and describes a manuscript what has been written over. I cannot WAIT for a chance to say it out loud, casually!)

posted 26/10/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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