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Blog: The Future Is Amazing

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Last night those delightful Indietracks people unleashed their traditional compilation album featuring bands playing the festival. I was VERY excited about it as, when we were putting together the tracklist for Still Valid all those many moons ago we kept the song The Future Is Amazing to one side ESPECIALLY so we could give it to the Indietracks Compilation the next time we played there. We've nearly ALWAYS done an exclusive track for the compilation when we've played, but it's been quite a while since we were there last so I was very much looking forward to people being able to HEAR this one at last.

Imagine my HORROR, then, when I looked through the list of forty four songs and found that we weren't there! I double then triple checked, but no, we were MISSING. Had they not liked the song? Was 44 tracks the MAXIMUM number they could hold? We were TOO PUNK ROCK?!?

No, in fact what had happened was that they'd just forgot to put our track on! Being SUPER KEEN I'd sent it over to them back in APRIL i.e. pretty much as soon as it was possible to send ANYTHING, so I guess maybe it had been put on a Dusty (Virtual) Shelf and then got lost when everything else came in. Nat Indietracks replied to my enquiry within SECONDS to explain that there were SO MANY songs our had got missed and said that they were rectifying the situation right there and then, so all was well and a few minutes later there was forty FIVE tracks! HOORAY!

As some people may be aware the song was originally written for the musical Hey Hey 16K and so the bits that Emma sings on the NEW version were originally sung by Steve, although neither Steve nor I managed to enact the rather MARVELOUS violin/flute* DUET what Tom does on this one (*it's not really a flute, it's STUDIO WIZARDRY!).

I'm EXTREMELY pleased to have it FINALLY available for listening, especially under the auspices of such a MIGHTY organisation and a SPLENDID collection of songs. I would HEARTILY recommend buying the whole album right away as it is GRATE - I'm just off to do that myself in a minute, it's time for the great pre-Indietracks REVISION to begin!

posted 23/6/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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