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Blog: Art And Theatre

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I had a RIGHT cultural weekend this weekend just gone, full of ART and also THEATRE.

The ART was on Saturday, when I went to The Estorick Collection in leafy Islington to see an exhibition about Giacoma Balla. This was the LAST day of the exhibition - The Paint On My Brush had been a few weeks ago and HIGHLY recommended it, so I wanted to get in while I still could!

I arrived to find a TOUR had just started, so wandered round behind it being WOWED by the ART. It was dead good, full of IDEAS and COLOUR and experimenting with new stuff. Just the kind of thing I like, really. The Estorick has a whole heap of other Italian art upstairs too, which was ACE - I especially liked The Hand Of The Violinist (also by Balla) and "Music" by Luigi Russolo. ART!

On Sunday I headed down to Croydon to see Jenny Lockyer's new one-woman show about Amy Johnson. I've talked to her about SHOWS and suchlike for AGES so was eager to see what she'd come up with. I thought it was going to be a series of SONGS or somesuch but it was an Actual Proper One Woman Show like what you get at the Fringe i.e. her doing a series of characters to tell the story through SORT OF monologues. The GENIUS part of it was that she did a lot of the story from the viewpoint of her plane "Jason". She'd even got in a Proper Director so it was WELL theatrical, with lights and sounds and all the sorts of things some others of us never get round to doing. There was also ACTING, which I always find a bit confusing when it's someone I know!

As I came out I was reminded of how much FUN it is going to Edinburgh and seeing shows like this, I really hope she takes it out and about for more people to see, because it was GRATE!

posted 26/6/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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