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One of the MANY things that all the "How To Promote Your eBook" articles I have been reading ALL say is that you need to use your "networks" to promote the aforesaid eBook. HENCE I have sent press releases and emails to various organisations I have belonged to (e.g. City University Alumni Society) and my old local newspaper. None of these have so far had ANY effect on sales, but still, it's worth a go!

With that in mind The Facts In My Story suggested that I have a look to see if there's any STAFF NEWS at my current employers. I mean, obviously I KNEW ALREADY that there was because i diligently read it and definitely didn't have to GOOGLE it or anything, so I contacted them and they sent me a QUESTIONNAIRE to fill in so I could be in their weekly STAFF SPOTLIGHT.

I thought this wouldn't be out until this Thursday, so imagine my surprise on Tuesday when one of my colleagues said she'd already seen it. "Your face is on the main staff page!" she said. I had a look and it certainly was, with a link to the actual interview into which I manage to casually SHOEHORN a mention of the book.

Again, it doesn't seem to have had ANY effect on SALES as yet, but then the only thing that DOES seems to do that is making it FREE! The big shock is that nobody else in the office has mentioned it to me. It's almost as if nobody apart from the aforesaid colleague - and ME, obviously - reads the staff newsletter. That can't be right, can it?

posted 29/9/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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