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Blog: Postage And Packing

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After experiencing the heady thrills of TOURING the weekend before, THIS weekend found me exploring the little-discussed DARK SIDE of the Rock Experience: ADMIN.

For LO! every tour has to be organised, every new release requires manufacture, and every setlist has to be negotiated, and so it was that I spent some highly enjoyable quality time on topics such as: sorting out the finances from the Germany gig; dealing with the utter cock-up that the PRS made of our recent payments (they have us about TEN TIMES too much... and then, just when we'd got all excited, asked for it back!); preparing for Saturday's 20th Anniversary Celebration Gig and, most excitingly of all, making final preparations for the launch of 20 Golden GRATES!

This latter exercise featured the development of two mailings lists one for Media Types and another for Associated Individuals. The Media Types list was quite easy really, as these days most people prefer DOWNLOADS to Actual Physical Product, so it was just a case of generating some bandcamp codes and sending them out, alongside a Press Release which had previously been thoroughly vetted by Internal Comms AKA The Quote Marks Around My Quote. My promo list gets shorter and shorter each time I do it, as every time I send stuff out at least one person on my ANCIENT list of Media Types leaves for pastures more sensible. I guess one day I should look at some NEW people to send things to?

The Associated Individuals task seemed more difficult at first, as I had to find postal addresses for everyone involved one way or another with the production of the cassette. As it is a GRATEST HITS this means pretty much EVERYONE who's been involved with our recorded history, notably in this case The Durham Ox Singers, who appeared on much of our early material. When The DO's (as their FANS called them, no, honest) were gigging this would have involved a lot of telephone calls to try and find everybody, but luckily for me we now live in THE FUTURE where everyone is on Facebook pretty much all of the time, so it just took a couple of Instant Messages to get it all sorted out.

All relevant envelopes were thus packed, and then posted first thing this morning. The next step was to UNLEASH this month's newsletter, which contains instructions for SUBSCRIBERS on how to order 20 Golden GRATES. This went out earlier today, so now I'm sitting waiting to see if anybody actually wants to BUY it. I do hope so - there'll be a LOT of cassettes for me to shove under the bed if not!

posted 30/4/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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