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Corks! A weekend of super deluxe ROCK ACTION has recently finished occuring, as i got Quite A Lot Done... spent a very jolly couple of hours on Saturday recording a 60 second version of The Same Page Of The Map for a Where You Are Is Where It's At compilation of 60 second songs. OK, they didn't ASK me to do it or anything, but there is a PLEA by Mr J Jervis on their webpage for some more songs, so I thought I might as well. It's the first time I've used my new Home Studio Setup to record something [that might be] for proper release, and I must say it came out sounding RATHER good. I have now listened to it about 30 times - this is the GRATE benefit of very short songs, you can listen to them LOADS without taking up too much valuable time, time which can be otherwise better spent thinking "How will I spend the CA$H that will inevitably accrue when this song is released as a single across the globe?"

I also did a LOT of archiving, this time preserving for posterity a REHEARSAL by The Council from 1994. Goodness knows how THE LORD will view this expenditure of time when I have to give my Final Account - I listened to the whole thing through for over an hour, NOTING sections, and then listened to it AGAIN whilst converting it into bite-size chunks for .mp3. Did I really need to spend quite so long encoding SEVEN different versions of a song that I don't even remember, and which nobody but me and Neil will ever really want to hear again?

Well, I saw it through anyway, it is the job of the archivist to archive, not to judge, after all, and perhaps in a thousand years massively brained humanoid EGGS on hover-discs will discover it and PINE for a non-existent version of said song. If this happens, it will all have been worthwhile.

Oh yeah, and I also sorted out the Select-A-B-Side page, but you probably knew that already...

posted 2/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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