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Blog: Practicing Wot You Preach

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After spending the past few weeks up to my ears in GDPR, LEARNING about it and Assisting Others To Meet Their Legal Obligations, I thought that it was probably a good idea if I did the same for my OWN dataset i.e. The Database of ROCK which powers the newsletter.

I thus went through EVERYONE who recieves it to check that I had Legitimate Reason for doing so. Happily most people on it DID, mostly because they'd Positively ASKED to be signed up for it in the first place. The lovely thing about checking through THAT data especially was that there is a bit on the sign-up page that asks people how they first heard of us, and reading through it reminded me of all the different ways we have been INFLICTED on others. There were certain things that cropped up a LOT - b3ta, 6music, indietracks and so forth - but also a surprising amount of people who said one of their friends had forced our music upon them. To all of those people, whether enforcer or victim, I say THANK YOU!

This still left quite a few who I did NOT have proof of consent or legitimate reason for, and THUS I sent out an email (which I'm allowed to do for the next week and a bit!) to all of them asking for the aforesaid consent. This in turn led to a delightful trickle of emails from people asking to stay, which was lovely!

There's still quite a lot of people who have NOT replied, but then I imagine loads of those will be from ancient email addresses that don't work anyway, and others will be people who weren't interested in the first place. I think it's going to lop off about 10% of the total list in the end, which is fine with me. If nothing else it cuts off 10% of the time I have to spend hand emailing it all out every month! Thanks The EU! We love you!

posted 14/5/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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