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Last night I met with The Hewitts in fragant Islington, where we had tickets to see Mr Ben Moor's show "Pronoun Trouble". SPOILERS: it was GRATE!

I've seen a few of Ben's shows over the years, and they are always LUXURIOUS experiences, featuring a flow of ideas, wordplay, mental images and EXQUISITELY delivered, elaborately constructed, happily silly, GAGS. It always feels like thought and care has gone into every single word - if stand-up comedians are cowboy builders, Ben is a MASTER CRAFTSMAN.

This show was similarly MARVELLOUS, although in a slightly different format from previous ones I've seen, which have tended to be STORIES. This was structured as a lecture about "The Hunters Trilogy" of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons, with a seperate narrative alongside it and various interludes of Other Topics (notably the spelling of launderette/laundrette) along the way. The odd thing about THIS was that the lecture section was eerily familiar to the actual real-life genuine lecture I went to in Tuebingen about the contemporaneous "Duck Amuck" cartoon. THUS when people were LARFING at the very IDEA of taking cartoons like this seriously, I was pondering the Genuine Issues And Points Raised. This meant that I probably LARFED less than other people there as I was instead nodding my head and COGITATING!

It was a beautiful thing and came, as all shows surely should, with a reading list and/or bibliography at the end. We went downstairs to the pub full of JOY and had a jolly discussion with Ms J Gilroy (who had also come along) and Mr D Greene (who was doing the TECH that night). As part of his usual practice of being A Society Host, Dave introduced me to the comics writer Mr Keiron Gillen, who was also there and who turned out to be a DELIGHT. I found myself, as I often do when talking about comics, saying things OUT LOUD that have only ever previously lived in my head, and may have got quite animated about the nature of Victor Von Doom's facial scarring.

It was, all in all, a pretty GRATE night out. Ben's doing a few more shows around the country and I would HEARTILY recommend going - there's details of dates and so forth on his web page, as well as the reading list!

posted 25/5/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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