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As promised, the Select-A-B-Side site is now LIVE!

As you'll see, there's four songs to listen to, all of which were recorded about ten years ago in the attic of my old flat. In those days I was MASSIVELY prolific, and made a new hour long cassette of songs roughly once every six months, which I'd hand out to friends and people I knew in various bands around Leicester. A "select" group of these people were asked to choose their favourites from these songs, and an even more "select" group actually did!

Once you've had a listen to the songs available, I'd be extremely grateful if you could either contact me or AAS Electoral Registar Steve Dresden (at and let us know which song you liked the best. Once all the votes are in (by 4pm on Friday 13th February) the most popular song will be taken to Leicester on February 15th to be LEARNED UP by the Validators and later recorded for the new "Things'll Be Different"/"The Fair Play Trophy") EP to be released in July.

Oh yeah, and 20 people, picked at random from the ELECTORATE, will recieve a FREE tape of CD, so don't forget to include your address will you?

Do please take the time to have a listen, and let DEMOCRACY DECIDE!

posted 2/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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