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Blog: Hit The North!

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Avid radio listeners in The North, birthing place for at least 60% of the Validators, may like to tune into the Alan Raw's Raw Talent show tonight (and every Thursday night, in fact) between 7pm and 10pm on BBC Radio Humberside, Sheffield, York, Lincoln, Leeds and more - for LO! copies of "This Is Not A Library" and "Milk & Baubles" have been passed to him, and apparently he is quite keen on them. Hey, you could even ring the show and make a request, if you liked.

This beautiful passing of ROCK has been done by Mr Eddy Bewsher, the very same chap who puts us on at The Adelphi and generally is KING of Good Ideas That Actually Work. Mr Bewsher, we SALUTE you!

posted 5/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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