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Blog: Last Christmas (in the EU) UNLEASHED!

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Man the barricades and deck the halls, for LO! today we unleash our epochal combination of POLITICAL SONGWRITING and CHRISTMAS HIT in the shape of our brand new Christmas song, Last Christmas (in the EU)!

As with all of our previous Christmas singles it's been added to our Christmas Selection Box, which this year is not only available via Bandcamp but also (in most countries anyway) on iTunes, Spotify, and pretty much ALL streaming and download sites. At long last you will be able to add our MIGHTY FESTIVE CATALOGUE to your Playlists!

We are very PROUD of this one, as we think it is ACE, and hope you think so too!

posted 3/12/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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Definetly belongs into the Brexit Top 10 with... Please don’t go Stay Come play with us By my side Everyone‘s a winner Fuck it!
posted 3/12/2018 by Marcel, EU

Planning to use this in my lesson with students here in Poland tomorrow. Thanks for another great Christmas song!
posted 18/12/2018 by Steven

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