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Blog: Pancake Day

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Today is that most wonderful of days related to food items - PANCAKE DAY!

There have been loads of songs about other parts of the year, notably Christmas but also Valentine's Day, New Year's Day (sepcifically how quiet it is) and of course everybody's birthdays, but there's never been one about Pancake Day.


For LO! this is the new single, out today, from John Dredge & The Plinths, the band what I am in as a sort of cack-handed Johnny Marr to John Dredge's Morrissey without the embarrassing bits (we should put that description on the next press release, it is a sure fire winner), along with Andy Harland as Mick Joyce and the mysterious Bob Burgon as Andy Rourke. The song's available to buy and stream on all the usual sites, most notably the band's bandcamp page, and we are SINCERELY hoping that it will be the song that, in future, everybody looks to when they need to run a news item on the telly about Pancacke Day or have a MONTAGE in a Romantic Comedy about Crepes. We're basically hoping it will do for Pancake Day what Prince did for 1999!

There's a whole other EP of Plinths songs to come later on in this year, but for now we hope you "flipping" (flipping!) well enjoy this one!

posted 5/3/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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