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Blog: The Start Of A New Era

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I went up to Leicester last night for an EPIC 3.5 hour band practice, and LO! it was GOOD.

We spent most of the night LEARNING NEW THINGS, something which we haven't done for, well, for nearly TWO YEARS! It thus felt a bit strange and TENTATIVE - usually our practices are more get-togethers, with RIBALDRY and LOOSE TALK abounding, but last night's was more about ROCK and THORT, not least when we worked out a completely NEW song called, at the moment "[summer hit]", which we MADE UP! This was, I'm not afraid to admit, something which SHOOK me, as I've not done that sort of thing for very very many years, since VOON, in fact, but after a while we got into it and came up with something that I think may be Quite Good. It was heartening to find, however, even after all these years, that the RULE OF MAKING UP SONGS still applies thusly: The First Thing You Try Will Sound Incredibly GOTH.

We also rollicked through a heftily PUMPED UP version of "The Fair Play Trophy", WINGED our way through "The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist" with Tom on vocals (including lengthy debate about whether a nose flute can HAVE rhythm [it doesn't matter, the rhythm is that of the flautIST], and what a FLOUTist might do instead), ROCKED into "City Centres" and even managed to do some WORK on the VERY new song "Breaks In The Journey".

It was all, in fact, RATHER productive. There was much discussion about what the EP should contain, and eventually we agreed that it would PROBABLY be a full-band affair throughout, combining new songs with PROPER versions of songs that we always play live but haven't really released properly anywhere. THUS, a PUTATIVE tracklisting would look like THIS:

1. Things'll Be Different
2. The Fair Play Trophy (again)
3. Billy Jones Is Dead
4. The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist
5. City Centres
6. Bands From London (are shit)
7. [summer hit]

That looks quite good really doesn't it? It all depends how we get on on March 4th really, when we gather to start the recordings. Who knows, we may even get to include Rob and Tim's "exciting" version of The Theme From Brookside...

Although probably not.

posted 16/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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