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Blog: Executive Production

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I don't know if I'd mentioned it before, but earlier on in the year i put in a TENDER to PRODUCE the forthcoming concept EP from Dr Neil Brown. As I kept saying to him, he needs someone to encourage his genius and (mostly) tell him to turn the vocals up (and if that's not Producing I don't know what is), and as I'd done exactly that for YEARS in Voon then he should let me do it. OK, I might be forced to SWANK ABOUT and tell people I'm working as a PRODUCER, but that is a cross I am prepared to carry.

My proposal that he should come over to mine and record it, but brilliantly he got a bit excited the other night and wired up his BOAT as a recording studio, and did THE LOT there and then. THUS I am now working as EXECUTIVE producer i.e. he's sending him rough mixes, and I'm encouraging his genius and (mostly) telling him to turn the vocals up. Also I get to email things like "I think this needs backwards feedback, more bass drum, and an ANGELIC CHOIR". Executive Producing is GRATE!

posted 19/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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