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Blog: Niceness / Arsiness / Worst. Film. Ever

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I did many things over the weekend, for example I went over to the Notting Hill Arts Club to see Owen Tromans. He's a top chap, and his set was dead good, as indeed is his album which i bought whilst there. The only non-nice part of the afternoon was that it was in Notting Hill, home to the ARSIEST population of people I ever did meet. BLIMEY! The only nice person I met was the chap in the classical music shop who showed me where the Arts Club was (there was no sign, just an open door), and HE was American so didn't count. Perhaps he was there for fall in love with a film star or something? Golly gosh though, everyone else was GLARING at everybody else, also barging about and generally being RUDE whilst wearing REALLY stupid haircuts. I can only conclude that this is where all the arsey sods who WORK in nearby soho go home to.

And on Sunday, due to a printing error in the Guardian (yes, i know), we ACCIDENTALLY saw "The Sex Lives Of The Potato Men", as it was the only thing on rather than the film we'd gone for, which wasn't. The mind BOGGLES at how something so utterly utterly RUBBISH could ever get made, and indeed BE so very very utterly pathetic, unfunny, and CAK when it's got so many dead good and HILARIOUS people in it. It was shit, and not in an "Ho ho! So bad it's good!" sort of way, more in the way that realising you've got dog muck on your shoes is, after having walked around your own house for half an hour.

Otherwise it was a weekend of JOY and ACTION, as EVINCED by the song what i finished writing and the DIVERSE other things I did too. Yeah! And today I find an invitation to do a gig in Leeds in a few weeks, with Tasty Fanzine. YEAH!

posted 23/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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