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Blog: Greetings To Our Colonial Cousins

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For some reason I've had loads of people from the Antipodies visiting the site for the past two days... it may just be a coincidence OR we may be MASSIVE in Australia... it wouldn't be the first time.

Well, it would, but only if you prefer the deadly dull world of REALITY and TRUTH to the much more VIVID and EXCITING world of Things I Have Said In The Pub. Many many years ago, when I was in VOON, we did loads of stickers saying "I Like Voon" (actually these turned out to be the most popular thing we EVER did, as across Leicestershire these stickers peer out from old filing cabinets, folders, and ashtrays, reminding people of their beery youth being accosted by strangers with stickers in pubs that no longer exist), some of which we sent to Melody Maker. They really liked these stickers, and a few weeks later their gossip column was subheaded "The Column That Likes Voon", providing Steve Lamacq with the first of MANY near misses with me, as Dr N Brown rang him up to see what was going on. Anyway, also on the page was a list of "Songs We Like", one of which was "How Voon Is Now" by Voon, which obviously they'd made up. All our PALS were astonished and amazed by this, and asked how it'd happen.

So, equally obviously, we told them it was our new single. On import from an Australian label. Who'd paid for us to record it. In Australia. One weekend.

EVERYBODY believed us. When we went on to remark that my cousins in Australia had liked our music so much that they'd formed a tribute band, who'd been seen by this label's A&R types, who'd been massively impressed and so booked us on our weekend trip to Australia, it all became even more plausible - I sometimes wonder what the point is in actually DOING all these gigs and recordings, when people seem to be equally happy just to THINK you've done them. It's a lot cheaper too.

posted 24/2/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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