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It's now two weeks since we UNLEASHED our new single People Are All Right upon an unsuspecing world and, so far, I think it has been going down pretty well. We've had quite a few plays on various radio stations, I've been thoroughly enjoying looking at Spotify For Artists to check what cities people are listening to it in (Hello Malmo!), and a steady stream of DELIGHTFUL people have been buying the badges too. It's been lovely!

The only aspect of our TITANIC PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN that hasn't gone as well as I'd have liked is the VIDEO. The version of the video we put out right at the start was made up of bits of an old Jimmy Stewart film, which eerily fit the lyrics but, I am sad to say, did not exactly set the world on fire. THUS I sat down this weekend to do a NEW one, using the clips of us playing it live in isolation what we did for last week's Totally Acoustic, swapping the live audio for the studio recording, and then cutting it differently to cater for the parts where me and Emma veer off from the original vocals. Hey, we are basically AVANT GARDE JAZZ VOCALISTS after all, and cannot be expected to simply parrot the same things each time!

The final version, I reckon, looks pretty good. Have a see for yourself!

All Validators were between two and 145 miles apart at all times, and I can assure you we were ALERT too!

posted 11/5/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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