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Blog: The Pre-Penultimate Totally Acoustic

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Today sees the UNLEASHIFICATION of the NINTH (9th) edition of the Totally Acoustic Vodcast series, featuring Blyth Power, Adam from The Hector Collectors and Ankles McGhee. It's another of those shows which feature people who I don't think would ever be slung together in a live show normally, and as ever I think this is an EXCELLENT thing. You can see for yourself right here:

For my song this time I did It Only Works Because You're Here. Over the past couple of months of doing these shows I've tried to do some new songs and others that I don't necessarily play very often but, as I say in the vodcast, now we're getting towards the end of this run I thought I'd go easy on myself and do my FAVOURITE of my songs!

Actually, I'm not sure that I've said out loud that the series is coming to and end soon, so - the series is coming to an end soon! I've got two more episodes to do, which will be coming out next week and the week after, and then that'll be it, for now at least. I think eleven shows with over thirty acts in is pretty good going, and if the lack of Actual Gigs goes on for as long as it looks like it will then I might bring it back later in the year, but for now I'm quite looking forward to not panicking about what on earth I'm going to say each time, although I will miss having a weekly record of my GIGANTIC HAIR GROWTH!

posted 12/5/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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