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Blog: America: Already Conquered

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Today is a great day. Whilst Idly wandering through the leafy glades of the interweb (and NOT Googling myself, AT ALL, no, really) I happened across the Village Voice's annual "Jazz & Pop" poll. Over 700 critics voted for their favourite albums and singles of 2003, and "This Is Not A Library" came out in the much coveted 625th position.

Oh yes. You read that rightly. Last year we realeased the 625th best album IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD! YEAH! YEAH!

I am LUDICROUSLY pleased about this I must say - FANTASTIC! If I wasn't already touring ABROAD (well, ish) this weekend to conquer SCOTLAND, I would be straight down to Heathrow right NOW to meet the baying HORDES who are doubtless filling JFK right NOW, gagging for some Validator Action. Hey, it's a big country, those other 624 albums have probably already been snapped up, right?

posted 1/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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