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Blog: The Spotify Rundown

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After yesterday's Digital Sales THRILLFEST today we're having a look at Spotify plays. This includes the vast majority of our OUVRE, with only limited edition things like All Around My House or the various multimedia extras not appearing because I never got round to uploading them to this site. With that in mind, let's see what THE KIDZ have been listening to shall we?
  1. The Lesson Of The Smiths
  2. The Fight For History
  3. Hey Hey 16K
  4. The Gay Train
  5. Last Christmas (in the EU)
  6. It Only Works Because You're Here
  7. Do The Indie Kid
  8. Work's All Right (If It's A Proper Job)
  9. We're Old And We're Tired (And We Want to Go Home)
  10. Never Going Back To Aldi's
  11. Hey Hey 64k
  12. You're a Tory Now
  13. The Symbol Of Our Nation
  14. Other Bands' Setlists
  15. Norwich Central Police Station
  16. We Only Ever Meet In Church - Acoustic Version
  17. We Are The Dinosaurs
  18. A Little Bit
  19. Theme From Dinosaur Planet
  20. 20 Things to Do Before You're 30
Interestingly (no, it IS interesting) some of the same surprise entries as yesterday pop up, with Last Christmas (in the EU) way up near the top, and We're Old And We're Tired (And We Want to Go Home) performing well again. It's also abundantly clear which are THE HITS, with most of the Top 10 being songs we tend to perform live anyway, although it's also worth NOTING that the main reason The Fight For History is so high up is because it's on several Thatcher-related playlists. Everyone always goes on about Spotify Playlists as being the modern equivalent to radio plays, and that seems to be the case here.

A bit further down, however, there are some RIGHT oddities. I can understand Hey Hey 64k doing well because it would have similar listeners to Hey Hey 16k, but what on EARTH is Never Going Back To Aldi's doing there? Is it just because it was the b-side to the single version of The Lesson Of The Smiths? I guess that would explain the presence of Other Bands' Setlists too. Actually, Hey Hey 64k is on that EP too so that must be it - who knew that people listened to full EPs on these things? NOT ME!

The REALLY weird aspect of this chart though is that the most listened-to track from Dinosaur Planet is Norwich Central Police Station! What the?!? If it was the first track I could understand it, but it isn't, and it's a talking section between songs too - is Spotify packed full of J Lockyer, S Hewitt and P Wilson fans who wish to re-enjoy their dramatic output? I mean, that's an entirely sensible thing to do, but otherwise I have no explanation!

I must say I'm rather glad I've done this VITAL RESEARCH - I didn't realise that EPs could be such a THING on Spotify, and it's suddenly given me some things to think about before we launch the EPIC CAMPAIGN for the new single next week. Before then though we're going to look at some good old fashioned Physical Sales Charts - get ready to say "Oh! So the early stuff really IS more popular than the new" again!

posted 7/10/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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