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Blog: We've Got A New Video For Launch Day!

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Today is DIGITAL LAUNCH day for I Don't Have To Worry About That (yes I know this is approx the 17th launch day we've had, but this is the LAST one, honest!) which means you can now get it on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and pretty much ANYWHERE that does streaming music, as well as on Bandcamp or directly from us as a BADGE.

It also means that today is the day that we UNLEASH our Promotional Video Clip, which is the rather delightful epic you see before you HERE:

This was made by asking people on our mailing list to send us clips of themselves writing out lines of lyrics from the song, and then me sticking it all together to create the rather JOYOUS item you see above. As ever with these things, any help anybody can give by retweetng, sharing, or mentioning to people at the bus stop (from a safe distance) would be hugely appreciated, but mostly I just hope you enjoy the video. I think it is GRATE!

posted 12/10/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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