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As part of the ongoing promotional campaign for The Swingin' Sounds Of Sixties Marvel (still VERY much available!) I wrote an ARTICLE for Joyzine where I listed the next 10 Marvel comics characters that should be added to the Marvel Cinemtatic Universe. The idea was suggested to me by Paul from Joyzine, and it was a GRATE idea, not least because it is something I MUSE upon at least once a day when I have a moment to myself, and thus it did not take an awful lot of effort to generate!

I'd actually like to write a few more things like this, especially now that The PhD is reaching its final stages, with the current plan being to submit it in September. I'm especially conscious of the fact that there's a Fantastic Four film coming in a few years, and that in all likelihood Doctor Doom will be popping up somewhere before then, so I'd like my name to be there when MEDIA TYPES google "Doctor Doom expert" when they want someone to come on telly/the internet/whatever to explain it. I've been meaning to write some PITCHES for ages, but haven't quite got round to it yet, so if anybody happens to spot any of the aforesaid MEDIA TYPES stumbling around saying "But is Latveria a real country or not?" do please point them in my direction won't you?

One PRESTIGE MEDIA VENUE that I WILL be involving myself in is The Young Person's TWITCH thing, as I will be appearing on it later today as guest on John Dredge Lo-Fi Show. I have prepared a FANTASTIC FOUR QUIZ especially for the occasion, so fingers crossed WALT DISNEY is listening in!

posted 6/4/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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