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Blog: Who Here's Lost?

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Last night I went out - out out, properly out, on public transport and EVERYTHING - to see a SHOW!

It was Ben Moor's "Who Here's Lost?" at the Hen & Chickens in Islington, which meant I got the Overground there from Stratford. I was somewhat trepidatious about this beforehand, but it turned out to be Utterly Fine. There were quite a few people without masks on, but I made my way through and found a section where everybody was masked, and as the journey went along the few people who came into our bit also had masks on, almost as if they were following the smell of hand sanitiser!

I met Steve in the Brewhouse, over the road from Hen & Chickens, which was also a DELIGHT. I have massively altered my view on table service in pubs now, ACCEPTING it fully even though I do wish someone would invent One App To Rule Them All rather than having to spend the first five minutes of every pub trip either downloading something new or slowly typing your details into a webpage. Come on, Internet Boffins, get inventing, it could make you MILLIONS!

We then entered the Hen & Chickens to find The Zaltzman-Austwicks also there for the show. This was a DELIGHT - I had forgotten how nice it is to just bump into people you know, and we had a very similar experience aftewards when it turned out Mr N Metcalfe was also there. They were all humans that we knew but hadn't made lenghty arrangements to meet, it was wonderful!

The show itself was, as ever with Ben's shows, completely brilliant. As per, the only criticism is that there is JUST TOO MUCH of it, and you're constantly trying to stop laughing to make sure you don't miss what's coming next - this is why it is so GRATE that he always sells a BOOK of the show, so you can catch up afterwards. It's just all so RICH, with every sentence FINELY HEWN and full of THORT and IDEAS and also LARFS. It's six years since he did the first preview of bits of this show (at Totally Acoustic!) and you could see the amount of work, also LOVE, what had gone into it. I liked it a LOT!

Afterwards Steve took me to a really nice pub called The Lamb, which as with all the venues we'd visited had got proper Social Distancing and other Covid Arrangements in place. There was a FOLK GROUP sitting at one end of the room twiddly diddling away, and me and Steve at the other drinking some delcious beer and basically Putting The World To Rights.

It was, in short, a BRILLIANT night out that reminded me what was so much fun about it all those years ago when we used to do it all the time!

posted 28/7/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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