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Blog: City Sculpture Tour

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On Easter Weekend myself and The Works In My Gallery went out to look at Sculpture In The City, a (usually) annual thing where the City Of London has loads of ARTWORKS scattered around it. We have done this several times and it's always lots of fun, and we were ESPECIALLY excited about it this time as there hadn't been one last year.

To be honest, my favourite aspect of it is following the MAPS and finding our way around The City, which is a MAD place where ginormous skyscrapers poke out from behind the remains of tiny ancient buildings, and hidden alleyways and miniature squares are never more than a couple of minutes away. It's a great excuse for EXPLORING round places you wouldn't normally go, although as we HAVE been there many times on previous sculpture trails it was ALSO like revisiting old HAUNTS, and many was the time we said "This is where (sculpture we remembered) was that other time!"

As ever, the sculptures themselves were a mixed bag. Some were FAB, some were INTERESTING, and some were HARD TO FIND. The one we both like most was near the start, Silent Agitator, a big CLOCK based on an Industrial Workers of the World union illustration (NB you can read about it on the link!). Others we liked included Cosmos (dark metal slats that were multi-coloured when you went inside them), Orphans (lots of abandoned paintings facing in on each other so you could only see the backs), Symbols (a recreation of historical LGBTQ+ flags) and loads of others. It was great - each artwork was like a REWARD for finding your way around!

Weirdly, The City was DEAD BUSY. We popped into Fenchurch Street Station (a WEIRD station at the best of times - it's LIKE a mainline station but has no links to any tube lines and it's HIDDEN down an alley) for some CRISPS and there were loads of people going back and forth, and also all around everywhere else. The City is meant to be DESERTED at the weekend - the shops certainly seemed to think so as they were nearly all shut (hence going into the station for crisps) so what was everyone doing?

Anyway, it was GRATE to be back, foraging about for ART. More of this sort of thing please!

posted 22/4/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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