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I left Leicester early on Friday morning, and headed for London. I had an hour to kill, so walked MILES to a bookshop to buy another copy of the book I was reading ("The Seperation" - it was GOOD) because I was halfway through it, but had left it at work... nur. Onto the train and we FLEW North, bang on time all the way to CARSTAIRS, where we waited an hour because some local tykes had thrown a BOULDER onto the power supply, and knackered it.

When I got to Motherwell I strolled over to the venue, and had a BEER. The main thing about Scotland I've noticed so far is that everyone's REALLY friendly, in a slightly agressive way - in The Midlands people are friendly, but don't necessarily point it out to you. Up here it seems that everyone wants to be nice to you WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. It was a bit scary at first, but now I think it's GRATE!

I went and got some tea, then came back and met The Hector Collectors who, it turns out, are LOVELY. We had a good old chat and some BEER, whilst Adam From Them got a bit worried about the number of people turning up, but when the mighty Stu McHugh (i.e. the chap whose idea this whole TOUR was) turned up it was time to go. So on I went.

My set seemed to go OK, though I was a bit thrown by "Easily Impressed" - I always say that people have a choice, either to do the Audience Participation and feel GOOD about themselves, or NOT do it and have a cheap laugh at my expense. Nobody has ever gone for the latter option before! Also "Boom Shake The Room" seemed to go down less well than usual, but someone told me afterwards that Adam From Thee Moths played the venue last week, and did the EXACT SAME VERSION of it!!! NARGH! Let my WRATH be uncontained!

Anyway, all it went pretty good, people seemed to like it (especially "The Lesson Of The Smiths"), and then the Hectors were on. They were BRILLIANT. They were Proper Indie - ramshackle in a GOOD way, obviously having fun being there, and bloody good fun to watch. Adam was also ACE front man, and I had a BIG GRIN on my face throughout. I think this tour is going to be GOOD!

Afterwards we all sorted ourselves out, and I headed off with Katie, Friend Of The Hectors, to stay with her family, most of whom were up when we arrived, so I had to be Polite and Alert, especially when one of their dogs LICKED my glasses! It was LOVELY, everyone was dead nice, and this morning I even got some CORNFLAKES and a lift to the station - hey, it's not very rock and roll, staying at a Minister's house and playing with the DOG, but it felt GOOD.

And now I'm in Glasgow. The first thing I note about Glasgow is that you would never forget which country you're in, as everything is labelled SCOTLAND in big letters. EVERYTHING. Anyway, I'm off to the pictures now, then tonight it's the Captain's Rest - more news, as it happens!

posted 6/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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