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Blog: Newsletter Day

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Strew the streets with bunting! Call out the Red Arrows! Give the local urchins 47p and a bag of crisps! For LO! today is that most wondrous day, long-awaited and much missed - it's NEWSLETTER DAY!.

This is a holy day what has been much in ABEYANCE as late, largely because I haven't really had much NEWS to share. Well, I personally have, OBVS, but I like to think that the newsletter contains only content relevant to the world of ROCK. THUS I haven't sent one since November last year, and before that not since June, because what with COVID and the PhD there hasn't been an awful lot going on in that direction.

To be honest there hasn't been THAT much going on THIS month either, but there ARE a couple of gigs coming up and I do have news of The Solo Album to share, so I thought I was justified in sending it out. I was also able to include some news about releases from other Validators too, which I would highly recommend you seek out.

I'm hopeful the newsletter will be coming out slightly more regularly again now. There's the aforesaid solo album to bang on about, and there's this OTHER THING that I've been working on for approx 17 MILLION YEARS which I'm hoping will come to fruition soon as well, and there may even be further GIGS too. I can't promise that this'll all have reached a point of Newsletter Unleashment by the NEXT Last Working Day of The Month, but I can promised that you'll be one of the first to find out if you simply join the mailing list!

posted 29/4/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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