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Blog: Airplay!

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We've had some AIRPLAY just lately, which is always nice! As a result, I guess, of the Scottish Tour, we FINALLY got played on Beatscene, on Beat 106 in Scotland. This was one of the MAIN stations that our old pluggers used to say was "Prestigious", and I've been hoping for a play on their show since the album even came out, so HOORAH! The show's on Beat 106 on Wednesday nights, 10pm-1am, and the playlists always look GRATE - lots of Hectors ACTION too!

We've also been played AGAIN on Raw Talent, which goes out on BBC Sheffield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Bradford, Humber and possibly a few more too every Thursday night from 7pm until 10pm. Last time we got on it was due to the BADGERING of Eddy Bewsher, our Northern Ambassador, THIS time however it seems to be just because they liked us last time. HOORAH again! If anyone's in the vicinity tomorrow night, please have a listen in and see if they do it again!

And finally, our dear old pals at Kooba Radio played "Everything's Turning Out All Right" on last week's show, as a special request from a listener... and no, it wasn't me, not even me in DISGUISE. Even more beautifully, I had an email from a Kooba Team Member telling me that he'd only recently come to appreciate the OPTIMISM behind that song, due to a Life Event which leads HIM to sing along, especially with the line "At least not always".

Oh bless, isn't that lovely?

posted 10/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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