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Blog: A Hard Day's Night

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We watched "A Hard Day's Night" last night, as I'd had it on DVD for AGES, and had been meaning to watch it ever since The Heart Of My Joy and I went on our Beatles Tour near Marylebone. I've seen it loads of times, but watching it at home with someone who HADN'T seen it before made me realise what a STRANGE and GROOVY film it is. Near the start I was asked "So what's this actually ABOUT then?" and realised that there wasn't really an answer. All the bizarro little interludes ("it's play havoc with me drum skins") and offhand remarks, the scenes that happen for no apparent reason (like the BRILLIANT bit where George wanders into an Ad Agency, or the famous "Can't Buy Me Love" section), and the weird characters they meet throughout, make it all into a strange, dreamlike hybrid of Samuel Beckett and Kitchen Sink. Except, obviously, even funnier.

It's amazing, as ever, to think that they were all just out of their teens when they'd made it, and also that they wrote all the songs, put out ANOTHER album within a few months, and were on constant world tour at the same time as doing all that. They really were quite good, The Beatles, weren't they?

posted 10/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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