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Blog: Edinburgh Addenda

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  • It wasn't ADAM from Thee Moths who did "Boom Shake The Room" three days before me in Motherwell, it was ALEX. In discussing this with Adam From The Hectors (I obviously get confused with too many names beginning with the same letter...) it turned out that this was Alex Botten, who used to work at the pressing plant that did "Say It With Word", and is an all round CHAP and GOOD EGG. So that's all right then - WRATH: RETRACTED!
  • After the Edinburgh gig the Hectors regrouped on stage for a Final Photograph, arms around each other, the picture taken with the audience behind them. Just like The Beatles' Candlestick Park photo - WELL DONE young people! That's EXACTLY the sort of behaviour that should be encouraged, I reckon. I thought that was dead good!

    posted 11/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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