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Blog: It Only Takes A Minute

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I got confirmation the other day that my song "The Same Page Of The Map" WILL be appearing on the as yet untitled Where It's At Is Where You Are compilation of 60 60 second songs, alongside the likes of Frankie Machine, The Chemistry Experiment, Sportique and many many more. It should be out around April time, apparently, but obviously more news will follow, as it happens.

It was MUCHO fun doing the recording though, especially trying to COMPRESS what WAS a 3 minute song (CRUELLY disregarded by The Validators...) into sixty seconds, which I managed to do by losing the least exciting verse, having the chorus sung UNDER the verses, and speeding it up a bit. It was nice to sit at home one night and just DO it, and thus I am having THORTS about instigating something similar, like getting a bunch of bands to record something overnight, and put it online the next day... we'll see anyway. Don't nobody go nicking my IDEA tho, or I'll have to wrap the website in TIN FOIL!

posted 12/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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