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I've been banging on about the data from my One Thousand Gigs for over a MONTH now, all the while promising that I would eventually UNLEASH it for others to have a look at. After yesterday's grand finale I am thus very happy to say that it is available RIGHT NOW, at this address:

Why yes, that IS a Digitial Object Identifier (DOI), for LO! I have deposited it on The University of the Arts London's data repository. It has of course been subject to RIGOROUS checking by the person responsible for running the repository (hem hem), and they decided that a dataset offering empirical analysis of MUSIC PERFORMANCE was an entirely valid, and indeed SEXY, item to place within it. Well done that person, whoever they may be!

As you'll see if you have a look, the dataset incudes all the data I've been using for gigs, nicely cleaned up so that each performance has the venue name and units shifted appended to the same row (rather than having to go through 18 relational tables like what I did for the original analysis). Similarly the list of songs in the setlist are named, and linked to the gigs by a variable called "gigcode".

The only data I've withheld from the public dataset is the actual names in the "people" table, which lists who I played with at each gig. I've checked with my Department's Local Information Manager (hem hem) and they have reassured me that the analyses I've shared so far are compliant with GDPR as I've only used names given during the public performances, but still I - OR RATHER WE - felt a bit itchy about uploading even that to UAL's systems, so it's been left as just ID codes. If you really really want to get the list of actual names then get in touch and let me know why you need them, otherwise I'll go along with the wise words of my UAL colleagues, WHOEVER THEY ARE.

The dataset comes with a short report what I wrote, detailing how it all works and giving a very brief (and less excitable) verison of yesterday's explanation of Why It Actually Matters. As the text there says, I really hope that doing this, and showing how FASCINATING it can be, will encourage other people to unleash their OWN data, and start to build something that properly reflects what goes on in this wonderful world of ROCK. I know for a FACT that some of you reading this right now will be sitting on a treasure trove of diaries, notebooks, and very probably Excel Spreadsheets, and I call upon you now to get publishing it. The world needs to know!

posted 22/2/2023 by MJ Hibbett

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it's a truism that MJ Hibbett's legacy cannot be listened to
posted 24/2/2023 by

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