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Blog: Autographs for Sale

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One of the zshop Merchants on Amazon is selling an "autographed" copy of "Say It With Words". I have TWO reactions to this:

1. Whoo! My 625th best album-based FAME has spread to the extent that someone somewhere thinks me writing all over something makes it OF NOTE!

2. Someone somewhere wants to get rid of a CD that they bought off me and then liked enough to WANT me to write all over it. Oh no! And it's not like I go round despoiling peoples CDs willy nilly or anything, usually someone asks me to do it and there is a BIG PALAVER about it, as I always think its a bit daft. THUS I get the feeling one of my CDs has either UPSET somebody, or been part of that upsetment.

How does Paul McCartney COPE when whole chunks of his LIFE get sold off? I would be DISTRAUGHT!

posted 22/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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