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Blog: The MAN Fails To Pounce

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Hmm... despite having had The Album Of 2003 - Rolling Stone for over 24 hours, agents of The MAN have so far failed to STRIKE and offer me millions of pounds to record the follow-up. Mind you, I wasn't home last night, so maybe there's a letter?

I wasn't home because I was in Leicester, recording the aforementioned follow-up to The Album Of 2003 - Rolling Stone, and by GOLLY it's sounding GOOD! Last night was Vocals Night. I did a few of my vocals first (some'll need doing again, but "Let The Weird Band Win" is sounding quite good, INDEED I managed to STIR myself during it, oh yes) and then Emma arrived, so we got all of hers done. Her bits on "Let The Weird Band Win" proved difficult, so we did "City Centres" instead. It sounds FANTASTIC, especially at the end where she sings a sort of ROUND sort of thing... er... you'll hear what I mean soon enough, but it became a whole other CHUNK of song that sounds ACE. She did a mass of "bababa"'s too, leading to the disorientating sound of me, Emma, Kev and Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey (who'd come down to VIDEO some bits of the evening) going "Is that the second bababa or the first bababa?" "It's the babababaBA I think?" "Bababa?" "No, BabaBA."

If that wasn't enough to drive the burgeoning legions of Emma Fans CRAZY, she also recorded three tracks of RECORDER onto "The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist", which sounds UTTERLY GRATE - I can feel myself being pushed towards the back of the group photographs even as we speak.

"Billy Jones Is Dead" was knocked off quite easily, we ended up doing Fairly Normal backing vocals on "Let The Weird Band Win", and then I did a Quite Nice bit of vocals for "The Fair Play Trophy" in one go... i was fairly relaxed by this point... and Emma followed suit. It's good recording Emma's stuff, as IDEAS were again thrown back and forth through the Studio Door and tried out, it were FUN. Finally we did the CHORAL INTRO which, rather wonderfully, sounded Odd, until Emma did the third vocal part and, my dears, I could hardly restrain myself from leaping around CLAPPING, as it all came fantastically together.

It's sounding GOOD! Next week is Totally Tom night again, when we'll do violins and some more vocals, then on Quite Good Thursday I'm in to finish off and MIX it. WAHEY!

posted 24/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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