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Blog: Woo, also Yay

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Hello b3tans! Excitingly, Best Website On The Interweb B3TA has the brand new VIDEO for "Hey Hey 16K" on its front page, and so we have had a few New Visitors over night. Hello everyone! Welcome!

To celebrate, I stayed up WELL past my bedtime last night to redesign the original Hey Hey 16K single. It features the lead track (with additional not-in-the-video VERSE!) plus two exclusive b-sides, just like it always did, and now there's nice easy links to the video, the t-shirts, the LOT really. Just click on the exciting and new Hey Hey 16K link to the left of your screen to get THE LOT.

It's a multimedia FRENZY! YEAH! CLICK IT!

posted 5/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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